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We are interested in efficient cleaning that focuses on results

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Our Story

International project  Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning – INSTA800 (2019-1-EE01-KA202-051703-01) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project will last from 1.September 2019 until 30 August 2022.

Agreeing on and assessing the quality of cleaning, with INSTA800 as the official standard in seven countries. The representatives of all seven countries have never met and shared their experience. Puhastusekspert has established contacts over time with all countries in relation to INSTA 800. This is how Puhastusekspert came up with the dream and idea of a project that would allow us to invite all of the countries to meet, share their experience, learn from one another and create materials that everyone needs, the preparation of which by one country would be impossible or too expensive.

A project application for an Erasmus+ strategic co-funded project was filed in March 2019. Six countries stayed in the project in the end, as the Norwegian partner decided not to attend at the last minute and it was too late to look for a new one. However, we found a way to map the Norwegian experience and cover it in the project.

The project will last for three years, its budget is 325 610 €.


  1. Mapping the INSTA800 user experience, highlighting positive experiences and misuses of the standard, what they have caused and what can be learned from them. The principles of use of INSTA800 will be prepared on the basis of this and will be publicly accessible in English and in the languages of all partner countries. We believe that this will benefit the new users of the standard, and experienced users of the standard can learn from the experience of other countries.

  2. We will prepare cleaning time matrices for five standard rooms, considering the level of dirt before cleaning and the quality standard to be achieved. 1200 cleaning tests will be carried out for this purpose in several countries to ensure that the times are reliable. A frequently asked question is by how much the selection of quality level 3 instead of 4 affects the cleaning time and the price. We hope that the cleaning time matrices will give objective answers to this question.

  3. Efficient training programmes and methods for INSTA800 knowledge levels 2, 3 and 4. We will also carry out experimental training in spring 2022. We hope to come up with the most efficient ways of teaching standard users to contribute to the efficient use of the standard.



We hope to organise a seminar for everyone interested in spring 2022, where we will introduce the outcomes of the project.

We sincerely hope that the project will create value for many and help with the development of performance-based cleaning and the minimisation of pointless work during cleaning. Cleaning is pointless if no dirt is removed. When we move around, we often see that surfaces are regularly washed dirty and important areas haven’t been cleaned for a long time. Time and resources are spent, but the cleanliness achieved is poor.


If you are interested in efficient cleaning that focuses on results, than keep in touch with the activities of the project on our Facebook page

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